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What our clients have to say:

“The thing that impressed me the most about Wagstaff Crane was their ability to get the job done safely and on time.”

– Jeff Brasch

“Their forte around here is they have the big cranes, and they are mobile also.”

– Chris Johnson

“What I like about them is they have the truck cranes, so if you want a crane out here tomorrow, they can have it here tomorrow.”

– David White

“We had a lot of complicated picks, and their operators are very knowledgable. They were very smooth, they weren’t banging stuff all over the place. They knew their equipment, and they knew where the pieces had to go  in the puzzle.”

– Jeff Brasch

“They were friendly, they would get out of the crane and help you.”

– David White

“They supplied us with a crane and an operator, and we only got charged for what we used. We didn’t have to hire an operator, and have him sit here while we didn’t have anything for him to do.”

– Jeff Brasch

“We go on some job sites that are really safety conscience, and you just don’t walk on there without having a good safety record. And we go in there with Wagstaff Crane. ”

– Chris Johnson