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900 Ton In Action!

Watch our 900 Ton crane take down the tower crane working on the new City Creek Office building at 111 Main.

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How it All Began

The company was founded in 1963 by H.R. and Evelyn Wagstaff. The couple started with one small crane and a firm desire to serve in the Rocky Mountain area.
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A Complete Fleet

Our ever expanding fleet is one of the largest and most complete in the Intermountain region. We work hard to ensure that we have the right crane for your job.
Meet The Fleet

Engineered for Success

Doing a job right starts with having great Engineers on your team. That’s why we’re one of the safest, and most respected outfits around – because of our Engineering team.
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Solid People

Great people make a great company. We work hard to find the best team members to join our company, and we’re proud of the people we call family.
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A Crane Type For Every Job

With two GMK 7550 550-ton cranes, and our new 900-ton crane,
the company has now plowed into a bigger market.
Our diverse fleet allows us to cater to a wide range of jobs.

Meet The Entire Fleet

900 Ton

Main Boom: 179 With Swingaway: N/A With Bifold: N/A With Fixed Jib: 505 With Luffing Jib: 530

550 Ton with Megawing

Main Boom: 197 With Swingaway: N/A With Bifold: N/A With Fixed Jib: 430 With Luffing Jib: 450

550 Ton

Main Boom: 197 With Swingaway: N/A With Bifold: N/A With Fixed Jib: 430 With Luffing Jib: 450

Want to know where we’ve been?

111 Main Tower Crane

We setup our 900 Ton crane in about as tight of a space as we could, in order to break down the tower crane on the 111 Main building.

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Cedar City Temple

We’re honored to work with Zwick Construction on the Cedar City LDS Temple. We placed the spire on top of the temple and hope you enjoy this video.

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Utah Performing Arts Center

To make way for the new Utah Performing Arts Center, we helped take down the existing building.

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Bangerter Bridge

Tough, complicated lift through the night.

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