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Our Philosophy is Simple: Think Safe, Work Safe

Our Goal: Zero HARM

Wagstaff Crane is committed to supplying the safest crane experience with the most experienced operators available. Every Wagstaff Crane operator has been certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), which is formally recognized by OSHA.

Lift Site Safety

Together with the NCCCO program, Wagstaff Crane strives to improve life site safety by providing their operators with:
• Skill and knowledge to prevent accidents
• Ability to recognize and eliminate risks
• Solutions available for completing critical lifts

All Wagstaff Crane Operators are NCCCO Certified

At Wagstaff Crane we believe that proper maintenance is a preventative measure. Our automated maintenance program schedules preventative maintenance for every machine and ensures that our equipment is always ready for the most critical picks. We’ve recently incorporated an automated inspection system that allows operators to submit maintenance issues immediately through text messaging. This OSHA and Grove compliant inspection system allows us to care for issues before they become problems.